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Joining ButcherCrowd ensures you are changing the future of food, and not supporting large corporations. Instead, you’re helping strengthen a community focused on shared values, centred around humanely raised & sustainably sourced products, the environment, local farming & fishing families and having accessible healthier meat & seafood.

We’re building a community to drive change from the status quo, by connecting more people with better food.

Our Farmers & Fisherman

We are the marketplace for high quality meat and wild-caught seafood, sourced from Australian farming & fishing families. We only work with families that align with our values. We believe that if you know where your meat & seafood is from, how it has lived – then you’ll feel more connected with your food, to help make better decisions for the health of yourself and loved ones.

When you support ButcherCrowd, you’re also helping Australian farming & fishing families, the heart of this country, to keep doing what they do so well… growing & catching Australia’s premium meat & seafood!

Our Animals

All our beef, lamb, chicken & pork are from free to roam pastures, and our seafood is wild-caught from sustainable fisheries. They eat fresh grass, breathe fresh air, and are sourced from pristine waters – they have lived a life as nature intended.

The animals are cared for and treated humanely, giving them a good quality of life. The grade of your meat is directly influenced by how the animal lived; Was it healthy? Was it free of growth hormones and antibiotics? Was it raised humanely on a farm with sustainable practices or wild-caught from sustainable fisheries? In our case, yes to all the above.

These are the big questions that led to ButcherCrowd’s conception and exactly what we expect of every farmer we work with.

  • Non-GMO
  • Certified Sustainably Sourced
  • Certified Humanely raised & handled
  • 100% Grass-fed & finished, Free-range, pasture raised
  • No hormones or antibiotics used for growth promotion
  • Better for you and the planet

Our Story

ButcherCrowd founders, brothers Damien and Rob Moffatt, grew up on the Atherton Tablelands, with a lifestyle that provided access to meat direct from the family farm. To them, ethical farming practices and real, quality meat without the additives were an everyday occurrence.

They were disappointed to find that most meat products were not free to roam, and that seafood was not sustainably sourced from the wild; as nature intended. They frequently contained harmful chemicals to support mass production for reduced cost, imported from overseas and were not health driven - It was supporting profits for the large corporations.

This has led them to wanting to change the future of food – one box at a time!

They continue to deliver on what’s important: quality, affordability, convenience, ensuring products are sustainably sourced, raised humanely and of course, taste delicious & accessible to everyone!

ButcherCrowd is better. Better for the farming & fishing families, the animals, the environment and better for you. A better way of eating meat.








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